Through our e-business development we have helped businesses of all sizes to build a commanding presence in the rapidly expanding world of Internet and Intranet commerce. We provide expertise in the development, design, implementation and support of Internet and intranet business solutions. We build fast, effective and innovative Web Sites and Intranet's that deliver results for our clients.

application migration
When web enabling isn't sufficient to convert large core applications for Web-based operation, migration can convert an entire application. Southfields Systems has extensive proven experience in successful application migration and can convert legacy-based systems to new, customised and streamlined programs.

Web-based software
In addition to providing business application software of all kinds including high-volume processing, intercommunication and multi-user applications, our programmers can help your business build e-commerce activity with the latest software via the Web. Real business software with specific built-in logic including database connectivity delivering state-of-the art Intranet applications can be accessed through Web-based solutions.

Southfield Systems help clients realise all the advantages of Web-based business in both business to business and consumer applications.

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