Through Southfields Systems our clients have access to the industry's most highly knowledgeable and skilled software engineers. Our team specialises in object orientated application design, utilising programming and business analysis skills to develop innovative systems with a wide range of functionality. We can either create add-on applications for use with existing systems or provide totally redesigned core applications.

bespoke systems
Southfields Systems creates software for a very wide range of applications. All our extensively tested and quality controlled systems are designed to deliver smooth, trouble-free operation from day one. Backed by expertise, experience and technical ability, we are trusted by key clients to improve the way their businesses run.

Some recent client applications include:

  • financial services - substantive code writing and robust systems for a fast-moving, security conscious industry
  • public services - intranet system development and specific HR applications to meet complex function and strict budget requirements
  • travel market - core product development featuring third party systems and open database connectivity

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