Southfield Systems 5-step plan towards new network architecture aims to give clients fast, flexible, fully supported and upgradeable enterprise systems to meet real business needs.

Our objective for our clients is to achieve a seamless and successful evolutionary blend of existing and new systems. Working with your existing applications we will create a fully integrated, stable environment which maximises your computing and data processing resources and encompasses the benefits of the newest technologies.

  1. feasibility study A detailed overview of your existing hardware network and in-depth analysis of software, communication and hardware requirements. Specialist surveys and key network personnel interviews are conducted by Southfield Systems consultant network engineers.
  2. In-depth analysis of client needs and requirements for application software, communication, and hardware through surveys and interviews conducted by Southfield Systems network engineers.

  3. new network design We present our costed recommendations with a detailed design proposal and system specification.
  4. Detailed network design proposal for LAN/WAN (Network Design, Cabling Diagram, Hardware & Software recommendation, Hardware configuration and installation, Software configuration and testing, implementation schedule, etc.).

  5. installation and on-line testing The entire installation process from cable testing, configuration, routing and switching through to creation of user groups, names and profiles is managed by Southfields Systems.
  6. Your new integrated systems will by fully tested and safeguarded by uninterruptable power supplies and comprehensive tape back up.

  7. network training Southfields Systems provides initial on-site, intensive training for your network administrator and for all your network users. 
  8. service and support We are committed to customer support through every stage of the installation project and in on-going operation. Continuing software support and training programmes can be tailored to specific needs.

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